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Experience nature, enjoy your leisure time and take a break from everyday worries – in one of the most attractive leisure parks in Europe

A botanical garden with rare and beautiful plants, an attractive animal park, a games and sports paradise, a health facility and spa, a place to meet up in your free time with huge meadow, play and barbeque areas, a gastronomic place to meet with stylish restaurants, open air museum and concert arena – the Grugapark is all of these things.

The extensive park, centrally positioned in Essen and the Ruhr region, offers the best leisure opportunities for all generations at every time of the year. Whether you want to experience nature, visit an event or just want to take a break from everyday worries – you are always welcome! The Grugapark Essen developed from the Great Ruhr Landscape Gardening Exhibition in 1929 and now, with its 700,000 square metres, is definitely one of the largest and most attractive leisure parks in Europe.

The landscape park with its valuable, old tree population is among the most impressive surprises in the Ruhr region.